Monday, December 1, 2008

Enter the MoeCat

It had been a few weeks since Webber had died, and I I knew Gidget was getting far too happy being an only kitty so I knew I had to bring home another little brother to torture her. So off I went to the Animal Shelter again to find a new "playmate." Once again, I didn't have to go far to find my buddy. A litter of black and white tuxedo kittens were on display in the front case of the main lobby. 7 weeks old and cuter than holy heck. Once back in the handling area, there was one guy who I immediately gravitated to and picked him up to cuddle him. He purred, and walked across my neck. As I was falling in love with the little devil, the shelter worker let me know that he was already spoken for. Damn. So was the one female, and two of the other males. That left two of the other males. One was a gangly little thing with ugly kitten hair that went every which way with a black spot on his pink nose. The other was a bit bigger, and was more black than white. I started playing with the gangly one, and watched him claw the heck out of the scratching post. He was scrappy, I liked that about him. The other kitten lost interest in me and went back to his littermates. Gangly, ugly kitten sat on the scratching post and looked at me as if to say " well, are we doing this or what?" I looked at the shelter worker and told her to draw up the paperwork and that once he was neutered, I would take this little rodent looking cat home. I had to wait 4-5 days and then I went back to pick him up. THey had me sign the papers, and handed me a little cardboard carrier with my new kitten. I opened it up to peek in on him and thats when I noticed it was NOT ugly, gangly kitten but the handsome, perfect kitten I had first played with. As I stared into the box, I debated my next move... Do I play dumb and bring home the cat that I had initially wanted, or do the right thing and let them know that they gave me the wrong cat? I couldn't in good conscience leave the fate of ugly, gangly kitten to chance so of course, I let them know they had brought out the wrong guy, and after they apologized they went back and brought out ol' numbnuts and I brought him to his new home. After some debate, we named him "Mowgli" after the jungle book character because of the way he climbed everything he could grip his little claws on.

The first two weeks were not as enjoyable as when I had brought Gidget home. Mowgli was an asshole who refused to use the litterbox. Which I could have dealt with better if he hadn't decided that instead of the litter box, he would use my bedding to poop on and pee on multiple times a day. No sooner would I get the linens out of the dryer and onto the bed would he hop up there and pee all over them. I spent nights crying on the phone to my friend saying that I missed Webber and that the new cat was awful, and he was causing me to lose my mind. I didn't know how much more of the bed squatting I could take. The thought of taking him back started looking very appealing, until one day as I sat on the couch watching TV, I heard the familiar sound of sand being scratched at. I looked over and saw Gidget laying on the patio in the sun. I peeked around the corner to the laundry room where I kept the litterbox and saw mini Moecat doing his business in the appropriate area. AMEN!

Thankfully, he got much cuter with age. That kitten fur turned into a gorgeous coat of shiny black and white fur. The ugly, gangly kitten was indeed turning into a handsome cat. Gidget was naturally less than thrilled that there was yet again another furry creature in her domain, but seemed to be content in knowing that she was bigger and could boss him around a bit. Poor little Gidget had no idea that this little fluffball would grow to be a large 17lb cat that would live to chase her throughout the house. Poor girl just can't win.

Over the years, Moe's name went from "Mowgli" to "Moesers" to "Moe" to "Moses" and has stuck finally (I think!) on MoeCat. Of the two cats, he is the obsessive cuddler. This cat loves nothing more than to be on one of us at all times. He is also surprisingly smart, and together with the Yellow Demon dog, they get into all kinds of trouble. But we'll get into that later.

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